USC Panhellenic Council | What is Recruitment?
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What is Recruitment?

Recruitment on Our Campus

Values Based Recruitment

Our campus focuses on hosting a Values Based Recruitment.  In doing so, Potential New Member, or PNMs, are better able to align their own personal values with the distinct values of each chapter.  This creates stronger connections between women in each chapter and a chance for PNMs and active members to have meaningful conversation during recruitment.  We advice PNMs to look for a chapter where they aspire to the be the girls they meet in that particular chapter.

Formal Recruitment

Formal Recruitment is held every Fall as a chance for potential new members to interact with each Panhellenic sorority on our campus.  It is a mutual selection process where the Potential New Members, or PNMs, and active members get to know one another through four recruitment rounds.  After each round, the chapters and PNMs select women and chapters, respectively, who they seek to get to know better during the next round.  After Preference, the final recruitment round, a final selection is made which leads to a PNM being offered a bid to join a specific chapter.

On Our Campus

The Panhellenic community is made up of 10 National/International Panhellenic Sororities and one affiliated, Christ-centered organization, Alpha Delta Chi.  Throughout recruitment, you will hear these organizations being referred to as sororities, chapters, or even houses.  The 10 National/International Panhellenic Chapters host recruitment in their individual houses, which all reside on W. 28th Street, or The Row.

What It’s All About

Saturday, August 19th

Check In: 1:15PM

Start: 2PM


PNMs, please join us at our Fall Formal Recruitment Kickoff to learn more about joining the Panhellenic community, joining a sorority, and meet the Recruitment Counselors who will guide everyone through the first week of classes and Formal Recruitment!


Attendance is MANDATORY to continue participation in Fall Formal Recruitment.  Please arrive early to check-in and pick up your recruitment t-shirt.  Casual attire is highly recommended as you will be sitting.  Only the Panhellenic Executive Council and Recruitment Counselors will be there, so no need to dress to impress! Just come ready to learn and have fun!

Sunday, August 20th & Monday, August 21st

During Open House Days, PNMs will visit all 10 sororities and have a chance to talk with a few women from each chapter.  The Recruitment Counselors (RCs) will guide each recruitment group from chapter to chapter.


PNMs will be visiting seven houses on Sunday and the remaining three on Monday.

Tuesday, August 22nd

No Formal Recruitment parties will take place! This day is reserved as a break for the sorority women to focus on themselves and school! PNMs, please take this time to adjust to school and explore other campus opportunities! The RCs will host a gathering for each recruitment group and will be available to answer any questions.

Wednesday, August 23rd & Thursday, August 24th

During Involvement Days, you will visit up to eight chapters.  The day will consist of a house tour, where you will learn more about the chapter, what individual members are involved in, philanthropy, and begin to make stronger connections with girls in each house.

Friday, August 25th

During Sisterhood Day, PNMs will the opportunity to visit up to five houses.  The parties will consist of a video presentation highlighting each chapter’s unique sisterhood and why members are proud to be a part of their chapter.  The special values of each chapter will begin to stand out to PNMS as they continue to make connections with the girls they meet.

Saturday, August 26th

Preference parties are a more ceremonial part of the recruitmetn process.  PNMs will share in the special traditions of up to two chapters.  Often times PNMs will share a deeper connections with chapter members while enjoying a small appetizer.

Sunday, August 27th

The day will begin with all PNMs meeting with their RCs on McAllister Field.  PNMs will learn the affiliation of their RCs, receive their own bid card from the sorority who has invited them to join, and gather with their new pledge class! From there, PNMs will run to their new house,  just as every member who came before them did!