USC Panhellenic Council | Attire
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Formal Recruitment Attire

Below is a helpful guideline for appropriate recruitment attire, accompanied by photos matching the descriptions provided for each day. Remember, dress to impress but absolutely dress with consideration to comfort – you will be spending long hours walking up and down the row. For more outfit inspiration, check out USC Panhellenic on Pinterest! Also keep in mind that the links on Pinterest are just suggestions and that you are by no means obligated to purchase the specific items pictured!


Panhellenic Recruitment Kick Off

We will kick off Panhellenic Recruitment with a day of presentations and information on Friday, August 20th at 2 pm in Bovard Auditorium! You will learn all about the recruitment process and meet your Recruitment Counselors and recruitment group. Please eat before hand and wear comfortable clothes, as you will be sitting. This is a casual session with absolutely no dress code – no chapter members will be there, just Panhellenic Executive Council and Recruitment Counselors, so no need to dress to impress! Just come ready to learn and have fun!

Open House Days (Round 1)

On Open House Days, you will visit 10 sororities and have a chance to talk with a few women from each chapter. During this round you and your recruitment group will be guided from chapter to chapter by your recruitment counselors (“RCs”). These are the most casual days. A USC t-shirt or tank top of your choice with shorts, skirts, and sneakers or sandals are appropriate for this round. Please dress for comfort and keep in mind that it will be very hot and you will be doing a lot of walking! Dress for comfort and do not wear heels or game day attire like bandeaus or song girl skirts, please.

Involvement Day (Round 2)

On Involvement Day, you will attend house tours at up to eight chapters. Specific times will depend on your individual schedules, which will be given to you by your RC. This is also a more casual day, and a nice blouse with a skirt is appropriate, as are casual dresses again. Please do not wear heels or wedges because you will be doing a lot of walking inside the houses and going up and down stairs. Dressy, flat sandals are appropriate for this round.

Sisterhood Day (Round 3)

On Sisterhood Day, you will have the opportunity to see a video presentation at up to five chapters that highlights each chapter’s unique sisterhood. Specific times will depend on your individual schedule, which will once again be given to you by your RC. A sundress or something similar is appropriate, and heels become acceptable as you are visiting less houses and therefore doing less walking!

Preference (Round 4)

Preference Ceremonies are a more formal part of the recruitment process, and you will share appetizers and a ceremony with up to two sororities. After this evening’s events, you will fill out your final bid card. Wear a nice dress on this day, such as one you might wear to an afternoon wedding. Heels or wedges are appropriate during this round.

Bid Day (Round 5)

Just before Bid Day celebrations, you will have been given your bid card from your RC, revealing which sorority you have been invited to join. You will gather with your RC group on McAllister Field, where you will learn the affiliations of the RCs and of the Panhellenic Executive Board, gather with your pledge class and – as per USC tradition – run with them to your new house! Wear jeans or shorts and a white t-shirt, and shoes comfortable enough for the traditional run to the Row! It’s also strongly recommended that you wear a bralette or bandeau under your shirt. You will be given a shirt to wear for the day at your new chapter. 


For more ideas on what to wear each day check out our Pinterest! Keep in mind that these are SUGGESTIONS and that it is NOT necessary or required to purchase anything directly from the boards.