A Letter from the VP of Recruitment

Hello and Welcome to the

University of Southern California!

I am thrilled to share the excitement of being a member of the Trojan Family and welcome you all to join our Greek community through sorority recruitment this fall!  Being a sorority woman at USC has given me a home in the sea of Cardinal and Gold, a supportive community that I can rely on, the ability to become a stronger and more well-rounded leader, and a lifetime of laughs.  I wholeheartedly believe joining the Greek community will add unparalleled value to your Trojan experience.  The decision to join a sorority is a commitment to scholarship, service, and the strengthening of your own values.  The benefits of sharing your college years with sisters is endless and the bonds you make will last a lifetime.


I encourage you all to take time before recruitment begins to reflect on your own values.  Think about what you enjoy doing, what characteristics matter most to you, and how your childhood has shaped you into who you are today.  Each of you come from different backgrounds, find happiness in various ways, and are unique.  It is these differences that make our Greek community strong.  We are comprised of a diverse group of women who have all found their home through seeking out these values in their own sorority.  While going through recruitment, I encourage all of you to do the same.  Stay true to yourself and find a house where you aspire to be the girls you meet.


While sorority recruitment will be some of your first memories at the university, it will not be your only.  It will become the foundation of support and provide a stepping stone to involvement in countless other opportunities that USC is known to present to their students.  The members of the Greek community are leaders in numerous other areas of USC and play a crucial role in the success of many programs and initiatives.  Therefore, utilize the opportunities to connect within the Greek community, but leverage those connections to build a network in the entire campus community.


Remember to keep an open mind and positive attitude through the sorority recruitment experience.  The women are excited to connect with you and share why they value their own sorority and the Greek community.  Don’t forget to have fun and take advantage of every opportunity presented to you throughout the week, both during recruitment and on campus.  The Panhellenic Executive Council is here for you as you prepare to head to campus and begin your Greek experience!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and utilize us as a resource!


And, always remember what makes you YOU!


With Panhellenic love to you all,

Amanda Lank