Spring 2018 Informal Recruitment

We welcome you to join us at the

Spring 2018 Informal Recruitment Kick Off!


When: January 11th, 2018 from 5PM to 7PM

Where: Ronald Tutor Campus Center Ballroom

Attire: Casual

Please stop by to meet the chapters participating in Informal Recruitment at a networking style event!

Please fill out this interest form and please do not contact the sororities directly.

Spring 2018 Informal Recruitment Interest Form

What is Informal Recruitment?


Informal Recruitment is a great way to become a part of USC’s Panhellenic Community in a more casual setting.  Sororities host casual events or may invite you to grab ice cream or coffee throughout the spring semester to get to know you better.  Chapters may even invite you to enjoy meals at the house, Monday Night Dinner, or Friday Brunch to meet their sisters and learn more about the sisterhood.  You may be invited to any of these events and are welcome to attend events at multiple chapters. Bids to join a specific chapter can be offered throughout the semester.  Each chapter follows a different timeline for this process.  Then, with your new sisters, each chapter will have their new member period and later initiate each new member! ]


Formal Recruitment allows you to visit every house through a structured schedule of “parties.”  There are four rounds, and at the end of each round, a mutual selection process occurs where you choose the chapters you are most excited to visit during the next round.


Not all 11 sororities of the Panhellenic Council are eligible to participate in Informal Recruitment, but not to worry, at least half of our community will be participating in the spring!

Who is eligible for Informal Recruitment?

Anyone who did not participate in Fall 2017 Formal Recruitment is welcome to participate, including Spring Admits and Transfers!

If you did participate in Fall 2017 Formal Recruitment and did NOT sign the MRABA OR signed the MRABA but did NOT receive a bid, you are welcome to participate too! Remember, the MRABA was signed after the last round, Preference Round, before inputting your final preferences. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email us at trojansgogreek@gmail.com

How does it work?

Informal Recruitment will begin with a Spring Kick Off on January 11th, 2018 in the Tutor Campus Center Ballroom.  The event will be from 5PM to 7PM, but please feel free to come and go as you please.  The Kick Off will be a chance for you to meet the chapters participating in Informal Recruitment this Spring.  After the event, chapters will receive your contact information and may invite you to specific events with their chapters.  You are welcome to attend whichever events you are invited to by participating chapters! Please don’t feel obligated to only attend one chapter’s events.

If you are interested in participating in Spring 2018 Informal Recruitment, please fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page and make sure to add the Spring Kick Off to your calendar!


If you are unable to attend the Spring Kick Off, that’s okay! Your information from the Interest Form will still be distributed to the chapters.

Does it make me ineligible for Formal Recruitment?

Participating in Spring 2018 Informal Recruitment will not make you ineligible for Formal Recruitment during the 2018-2019 academic year.

What is COB? Is there a difference?

Informal Recruitment and COB, Continuous Open Bidding, are synonymous! The terms can be used interchangeably on our campus, however please try to use Informal Recruitment.

Please fill out this interest form and please do not contact the sororities directly.

Spring 2018 Informal Recruitment Interest Form