Meet our Fall 2018 Recruitment Counselors!

Meet the Fall 2018 Recruitment Counselors!

Allison Young

Alameda, CA

Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: I’m the first generation to be born in the U.S.! (My dad was born in Ireland and my mom was born in Korea.)

Andie Wright

Newport Beach, CA

Major: Public Relations/ Media Economics and Entrepreneurship

Fun Fact: I saw Serena Williams win Wimbledon 🙂

Caroline Bethel

Newport Beach, CA

Major: Real Estate Development

Fun Fact: I’m an adrenaline junkie!

Alicia Bechtel

Campbell, CA

Major: Public Relations, Spanish

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Madrid this spring. 

Celine Wilfert

London, UK

Major: Communication, Sports Media Industries

Fun Fact: I’ve grown up in Europe for most of my life, I have triplet siblings and I was born in Germany.

Emily Stellar

Forth Worth, TX

Major: Music Industry

Fun Fact: I have the same birthday as both of my older sisters and my mom!

Emma Reynolds

Danville, CA

Major: Business Administration, Consumer Behavior

Fun Fact: My brother also attends USC!

Jillian Hansen

San Diego, CA

Major: Public Relations, Marketing

Fun Fact: I was born in Connecticut.

Gabby Cardarelli

Novato, CA

Major: Business Administration, Consumer Behavior

Fun Fact: I play the drum set.

Hannah Stefaniak

Denver, CO

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I went skydiving in Australia while studying abroad!

Julia Dalecio

Palm Springs, CA

Major: Health and Human Sciences, Occupational Science

Fun Fact: I have ran two half-marathons and one marathon!

Kate Rappard

La Cañada, CA

Major: Human Biology, Forensics & Criminality, Healthcare Studies

Fun Fact: I’m related to Abraham Lincoln!

Katie Francel

Santa Clarita, CA

Major: Communication, Healthcare Studies

Fun Fact: I love to sing and play the piano! I also LOVE dogs but I’ve never had one!

Katherine Weir

Saint Paul, MN

Major: Health & Human Sciences, International Relations

Fun Fact: I have visited all 50 states!

Camille Konopka

Princeton, NJ

Major: Sociology

Katie Erickson

Moraga, CA

Major: Health & Human Sciences, Occupational Science

Fun Fact: I am a twin!

Lena Altaffer

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Major: Business Administration & Accounting, Classical Piano Performance

Fun Fact: I went to North Korea for a family trip after graduating from high school.

Lorien Bandhauer

Tustin, CA

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: Last summer, I studied abroad in Rome and loved it!

Madison Kadesh

Washington, D.C.

Major: Economics/Math, Applied Analytics

Fun Fact: I have ridden an elephant in two different countries.

McKenzie Vanko

Portland, OR

Major: Public Policy, Health Management

Fun Fact: In my free time I love to play golf! My sister and I helped our team win first place in the Oregon state golf tournament my senior year of high school

Megan D’Souza

San Jose, CA

Major: Business Administration, Computer Science

Fun Fact: I’m terrified of squirrels.

Meredith Leon

Chicago, IL

Major: Political Science, Social Entrepreneurship

Fun Fact: I rode a camel through the Moroccan Sahara Desert in the middle of the night this past spring break!

Rocky Walder

Vail, CO

Major: I’ve been to 17 different countries.

Fun Fact: Communication, Theater

Samantha Lonergan

Manhattan Beach, CA

Major: Law, History, Culture, Sociology

Fun Fact: I am afraid of heights, but I love bungee jumping and want to go skydiving.

Taylor Reed

Los Angeles, CA

Major: Business, Real Estate Finance

Fun Fact: I’ve driven race cars at 140mph!

Rachel Moore

Orange County, CA

Major: Communication, Marketing

Celina Georgeadis

Everett, WA

Major: Accounting